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chalermkiat – POP – khatikasemlert will be showing his latest collection under the label ‘ WONDER WONDER’ in the upcoming ‘pret a porter’ fashion fair in paris, 5th of september 2008

here some pictures of his most recent work

as usual he provides a vast selection of ingenius accessories, this time it’s insects

ฐิติพล จิตต์สันติสุข in bruxelles/brussels/brüssel

hyeres finalist and former grey by greyhound designer titipon chitsantisook will soon be presenting his hyeres collection in brussels, belgium… A special fashion show has been organized to present 12 young and talented designers from all around the world ( antwerp, new york, brussels, london, etc.)

for this occasion titi has transformed his charming paris flat into a showroom…read and see more about it on his own wordpress blog


best thai restaurant in paris—>>eating out thai

according to my firend benz, this is the best thai restaurant in paris, it’s the only place where he dares to drink coconut juice and probably also the only place where he would eat thai food outside of thailand, he’s very picky…..

the place is on the blvd de choisy close to port de choisy metro station and tolbiac in the 13th arrondissement of paris (the china town style area)

The food is very good and it actually tasted just like in bangkok….some thai restaurants are too adapted to french taste buds, imagine i once had a papaya salad without any trace of fishy flavour, it was very strange just like non spicy red curry or i don’t know…so if you want authentic taste go to thai vien 🙂

xxx bon app

backstage report louis vuitton hommes spring summer 09

-the guy with the beige yellow cardigan was ryan the fitting model –

yes i have the honour to present you my personal backstage report on the men’s wear show of louis vuitton just last thursday, i had no internet that’s why it’s a bit lateish.the defile was held in the uppest floor of the fabulous palais de tokyo at the ilena metro station. thanks to my all access pass i couls freely go wherever i felt like but mainly stayed where the models were…of course , who wouldn’t. i was to lazy to get a picture of kanye and pharell cuz 200 others wanted to get a photo as well::::

i wonder wonder wonder….introducing pop

it’s time to introduce my friend POP, or how i like to call him chalermkiat khatikasemlert….Who’s pop?

he’s the brain behind the WONDER WONDER shop in siam square and ‘ WARDROBE MADE IN THE WORLD’

pop opened his first business about 5 years ago in major theater selling vintage clothes and bags; when he saw how well that went; he started to complete the 2hand garments with new made bags , then clothes and finally year after he opened another shop in JJ market called cube which was the end for vintage; then he opend the second shop in jj market. bigger and better; Wardrobe made in the world ;;;;;finally last year 22 december he opened his first proper boutique; open every day of the week; in the heart of SIAM SQUARE; called WONDER WONDER;;; if you want to go there, go to siam by skytrain or take a taxi. it’s opposite the siam center mall on the ground floor in the lido cinema. there is a lot of little shops but you can find pops easily.



but pop is not working alone, while he is the creative mastermind behind the scenes, his lovely two sisters pui and ple are running the business, production and sale. god i wished my sister was a little bit more like those two girls…..

pop scored two awards at the onward competition in japan last year

pop has been interviewed by diane pernet, go to her blog and find him