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Gay breakdown … attitude mag launch BKK

A new magazine, an old story…today 21st of March 2011 Attitude Magazine celebrates its conquering of the thai homeland…If you thought Bangkok couldn’t possibly be gayer than it already is….think again.

the Renaissance hotel ballroom was turned into a maze of hot guys and more or less gay decoration. a bit darkroom here a bit boudoir there…well it’s gay i guess.

the models were quite a catch the drinks rather weak and the talking unbearable….

but yaay as long as there is a hot guy to stare down what can one possibly complain about, one surprise was that the cover models James “Kitkasem” McFadden & Natcha “Mouse” Jantapan” minus Tony Rakkaeny ( if u need a haircut check out his salon in fancy gloriana K-village ) were all there and so was – bangkok love story/ body building beau – TOP..(Chaiwat Tongsaeng)

we bangkokians know that there will always be another event next week but this one surely hit the queerness barometer to the max.  check out the magazine if your good at reading thai in the local magazine stall around your house or if your more of a hiso personality flick through it in villa, they have it as well.
my bb is dying and the pictures suck, sorry about that, if you want better pics send me a camera 😀

welcome to the phillipines

yesterday i started to watch a really nice movie from the phillipines, as always i stumbled across it in the gay section of it is called ang lihim ni antonio or in english antonio’s secret. the colors and the general slowness of the film are really nice.

I know nothing about the country or Manila in particular and i wonder if it is a good picture of what it’s like there. i f it is i quite like it. very colorful, yet tropical with alot of christianity going on: it reminded me slightly of thailand.

Eventhoug the actors don’t look so well in the photos in the movie they are really cute. I’ve only managed to watch one third yet but a full review will follow soon.

for a starter, here is the link to veoh


more about bryant chang 張睿家

first some general info in chineses on mbd china for those who can read it obviously, i’m more the picture looking type when it comes to asian websites….ben remember bryant is the nice boy in eternal summer, one of the more dramatic sort of gay themed chinese movies, a must see don’t miss it, u can find my post about the movie here…  but i thought it’s nice to dedicate a second post to him with some new pictures 🙂


the asian movie beauty factor

recently my best friend, who grew up in germany but has vietnamese roots told me that she googled a bit around and was suprised to fid out that all the hong kong actresses she used to like from movies of her youth appear to have been beauty queens before they started in the film industry.and not only hong kong i think…

in germany  or europe in general it’s not really like this, actors are often chosen to be characters, not just plain beauty, so usually they give a good impression about normal people…of course they are good looking but hardly ever can they reach beauty queen status…..asian cinema therefore can trick europeans into thinking that everybody looks like the film stars,,,which is of course not true…my other friend says it’s the classic star thing that happens in asia, only the most beautiful and tallest and most handsome people can become famous…like it used to be in hollywood maybe, stars were stars, not just the boy or girl next door… therfore movie stars in thailand or korea or japan are usually also models and have big endorsement deals…and very often they are just half asians or a mix of different origins…..are europeans better looking? or or brings the european blood the asian beauty to full perfection? i would say the latter comes close to the truth. asian softness with a european edge, especially for boys….

just some random thoughts of mine b


right by me…..tonite’s movie…

todays movie was another lucky found like yesterdays ‘shelter’

it said on veoh it would be chinese but hey it wasn’t, it’s actually a thai movie, and a heartwarming one as well. not as glamourous  as bangkok love story or sad as the love of siam. just a simple movie about guys coming out and falling in love in a rather hostile environment, highschool and college that is. blimey it reminded me of me beeing in school, except for the fact that i didn’t have the guts neither the fairy friend to give me strenght. so about the story, nat and tat are school friends, while nat is a quite feminine gay who doesn’t want to hide his sexual identity his friend tat is more down to earth, not outed at home and more or less a sport guy. nat is totally out and his mom is a fine example for a caring and understanding mom. so while those two best friends attend their weekly gay meeting in a coffee place tat secret crush ek stumbles into the cafe, pretending he wasn’t sur eit’s the right adress, from this point on tat sees his dream coming true while nat (having a secret crush on his best friend tat is getting quite jealous) the movie is about the coming outs of all three of them and you can look forward to a really sweet and happy ending…..i‘m sorry i’m back home in germany and loneliness is overwhelming me here, that’s why i need to watch so many movies to kill time…. 

ps. forever love – l’amour toujours

totally crazy about..TAKUMI SAITO


i was browsing myself trough and stumbled over a whole bunch of movies starring the absolutely gorgeous and enchanting japanese actor takumi saito….his voice is amazingly deep and sexy…wouldn’t expect that from such a skinny guy, hehe…


i very much liked him in the film boyslove…i was so happy to find a subtitled version….click here…

in a nutshell it’s the story of two guys. one is an artist and still at school while the other one just started to waork as a journalist. saito is playing noeru the young artist with a rather nymphomanic character'( he sleeps with a lot of ugly little guys, really disgusting) His counterpart the also very cute Taishin (Yoshikazu Kotani)  is overly shy about beeing gay, he clearly is, and needs to be pushed a little bit. noeru has a school friend who is rather obsessed with him. it’s all about love and jealousy, the plot follows a quite commen line and the typical asian end ( not happy but quite disturbing) leaves the viewer in a sad and hopeless mood…. I always wonder if this is the way asian directors see gay love? something that is not ment to be, hence some one dies….

well it’s not always like this though





itsuka no kimi he  strats already with one guy beeing dead, i’m not telling you who but it’s an easy guess…well this time saito is a photography student and after saving the life of one of his classmates the love story slowly starts to evolve, it’s very romantic from my point of view but not as moving as boys love…. 


oki next one…

sakitomo   this time saito plays a boxing college guy….while his best friend is in love with him his little half sister feels very much neglected and a little challenge between the two arouses….the little girl plays hard to get her big bros attention, since she  has a bad crush on him, it happens that they are not blood related, never the less her big brother is gay, one assumes and there fore she’s out of the game anyways…this movie is nive but not super duper great….well c la vie


saito is cute as always but his counterpart is quite ugly maybe that’s why i didn’t like this one so much..