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special post – LAURENT MERI


Usually europeans don’t stand a chance getting onto this blog but then again one should jump over ones shadow from time to time and go totally crazy, well there u are my first european special.


He’s actually a multi mix of german father and some spanish and french influences – which explains the looks really, german seems to be a good guarantee for that it seems, in the mix of course….hence the link to mario 😛

details about laurent – 184cm – shoe 43 – great light brown hair and blue green gray brown eyes…

he’s at bananas models in paris….




i really want a bunny…or a boyfriend?


now is the time when the winter tristesse is just waiting around every corner and i go to see the animals in the numerous pet shops along the river seine when i have time at lunch or even after work and i’m very much obsessed by rabbits at the moment, of course i’d like a cat but my room at the moment is so ridiculously small it would drive any decent cat nuts….so should i get a little rabbit? i really don’t know but i’d like to have one alot…..my second choice would be a boyfriend but i guess the rabbit is the easier thing to achieve….

backstage report louis vuitton hommes spring summer 09

-the guy with the beige yellow cardigan was ryan the fitting model –

yes i have the honour to present you my personal backstage report on the men’s wear show of louis vuitton just last thursday, i had no internet that’s why it’s a bit lateish.the defile was held in the uppest floor of the fabulous palais de tokyo at the ilena metro station. thanks to my all access pass i couls freely go wherever i felt like but mainly stayed where the models were…of course , who wouldn’t. i was to lazy to get a picture of kanye and pharell cuz 200 others wanted to get a photo as well::::

my favourite vietnamese….

no not my best friend bianca but the restaurant dong truong in belleville…it’s soooo good…it’s a little place very close to the metro station, i forgot the name of the street, but basically if you stand in front of the big chinese restaurant on the corner you take the street on the left, not the faubourg du temple, go to the end and it’s on the left side…..well the food is great makes you feel like you are on vacation, the noodle soups are perfect, but really try the ginger bbq porc, i love that, with a nice coconut drink…..

thanks for the nice company to p’maan (mathematics bkk) and anni 🙂

bon appetit!