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ฐิติพล จิตต์สันติสุข in bruxelles/brussels/brüssel

hyeres finalist and former grey by greyhound designer titipon chitsantisook will soon be presenting his hyeres collection in brussels, belgium… A special fashion show has been organized to present 12 young and talented designers from all around the world ( antwerp, new york, brussels, london, etc.)

for this occasion titi has transformed his charming paris flat into a showroom…read and see more about it on his own wordpress blog



have you seen this young man?

one assumes he left for bangkok, but after deeper research we found out that he is probably to be found in the buriram region of thailand, no proof can be given though, titipon c hasn’t called so one assumes he’s missing……lastest information say that he has called a parisian friend yesterday, but then again it could be a coverup for the possible tragedy……

desperately seeking ooh

Titipon Chitsantisook in hyeres!

Never ending story…..

My best friend titi is in the finals of the 2008 Hyeres competition, the probably best competition for young fashion design talents in france, if not even in the whole world.

His collection is all about black, but not just plain black, the kind of black that comes in all sorts of nuances, shining black, shimmering black, deep complicated black or light black that touches the body soft like a feather. By using traditional thai techniques he transformes urban style clothes into a pret a porter collecton with a very intricate couture feeling. Traditionally, in Thailand Repetition is a classic workingmethod, it’s beeing used to create surfaces, building structures or most famously flower ornaments to pay respect to buddah. Titi, translates this manner of working into a rich variety of fabrics and garments. Milimeter thin ribbons are handstiched onto meters of fabric, hundreds of dark sequins placed onto garments, in deep charcoal grey and shining black. little pieces of felted wool are connected to form a skirt, an excellent work of thaicraftmanship!


– transparent bodysuite with a draped dress, made of sequinribbons that are sewed into pleats of chiffonsilk –

Photobucket –Bangkok 5 a.m.-

on the above picture you can see me while we were handstiching a gilet that is entirely made of loose black strings attached in a complicated but yet light way..


 to see the whole collection click HERE