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Chinese Movie Marathon 2016 – the mermaid – 美人鱼 –

a truly magical experience was the Chinese 2016 Movie – the mermaid –  美人鱼

I have come to really enjoy Chinese Fantasy Movies, a lot has happened in the last few years and Hongkong is back in business. The Mermaid was the highest grossing film of all times in China ( Feb 19. 2015) and It deserves the honour. It’s a quirky and cute comedy with spot on Animation. The Quality of the 3D work is very fairytale like and pretty, the story feels a little bit to eco friendly, with all that save the oceans and dolphins etc. but then again it is a nice approach to environmentalism…..I had a really good time watching this flick and can only recommend it.

Funnily enough I found my way back to Chinese cinema after Solarmovies went down and I had to switch to projectfreetv, the latter provides a good selection of movies and has many Asian productions in their selection!

have you seen this young man?

one assumes he left for bangkok, but after deeper research we found out that he is probably to be found in the buriram region of thailand, no proof can be given though, titipon c hasn’t called so one assumes he’s missing……lastest information say that he has called a parisian friend yesterday, but then again it could be a coverup for the possible tragedy……

desperately seeking ooh