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best thai restaurant in paris—>>eating out thai

according to my firend benz, this is the best thai restaurant in paris, it’s the only place where he dares to drink coconut juice and probably also the only place where he would eat thai food outside of thailand, he’s very picky…..

the place is on the blvd de choisy close to port de choisy metro station and tolbiac in the 13th arrondissement of paris (the china town style area)

The food is very good and it actually tasted just like in bangkok….some thai restaurants are too adapted to french taste buds, imagine i once had a papaya salad without any trace of fishy flavour, it was very strange just like non spicy red curry or i don’t know…so if you want authentic taste go to thai vien 🙂

xxx bon app

my favourite vietnamese….

no not my best friend bianca but the restaurant dong truong in belleville…it’s soooo good…it’s a little place very close to the metro station, i forgot the name of the street, but basically if you stand in front of the big chinese restaurant on the corner you take the street on the left, not the faubourg du temple, go to the end and it’s on the left side…..well the food is great makes you feel like you are on vacation, the noodle soups are perfect, but really try the ginger bbq porc, i love that, with a nice coconut drink…..

thanks for the nice company to p’maan (mathematics bkk) and anni 🙂

bon appetit!

dingy weird paris


I want you to share the experience of le castille with me, this is one of the retro originals in paris, it has all to be another ‘ la perle’ or what’s it called again (?) chez jaqcueline(?) chez janette(?) who cares anyways way too branchee for my taste, i like it dingy and dirrrty… well this place is right at the ‘Strasbourg St. Denis’ Metro stop on the Boulevard and so out of place. Why am i talking about this, aren’t i pretending to be all asian here? well i am cuz it’s where the chinese whole sale businesses are and  i’ve noticed that this is the place where some of the asian prostitutes hang out, at first (i used to live just around the corner)  I thought the ladys there just had some pretty bad taste, but then i thought nobody would for no reason but on drag like this…well i brought p’maan from mathematics there to show him that paris is not all pretty, but then again he liked it for it’s funky retro charm….get rid of the weird folk hanging out there and organize some party there people!!!!

it’s happend to be a dinner in nero

just found this from one of our posh dinners in Nero, the second ‘it’s happened to be a closet’ flagship store at khao san road ( BIG BLACK HOUSE, CAN’T MISS IT ). I don’t know if i’ve told you about the food already, well i will now anyways …..So considering the style you could call it ‘Fushion’ food, but in general it’s italian dishes, with thai ingredients, well with loads of chilli peppers. so quite spicey and for BKK standards quite pricey. the prices vary around 500/600 baht but more expensive or cheaper ones can be found, This is like the regular price for lunch in Paris but in Bangkok you could eat for a whole week in street stalls with this budget….is it worth it? Yess definitely, if you feel the european craving, wanna have some fresh bread and drink out of cristal glasses.

Butterflies in my stomach…..first part

On Saturday we went to a thai restaurant called ‘Villa Papillon’ in Paris. The Name is French but means  – Butterfly Villa – It was supposed to be another Songkran celebration, but it was so packed with dinner guests all night long the party was relocated to another bar some streets away. The Restaurant is a very tiny and cute place in the parisian Montorgueil quarter, close to the Etienne Marcel Metro stop in rue Tiquetonne. The food is great, prices in the normal Parisian range, around 15€ per dish. We had a quick Pad Thai when we got hungry and everybody loved it.  Before moving to the other bar the one and other Dragqueen and Lady boy, keeping the thai spirit, showed up, which was funny….