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click on one of the pictures to watch the 11th episode of the fabulous coffee prince, i can never get enough of the soap it’s so sweet, don’t miss it…. i will try to find out where u can find the cute gong yoo calendar in the mean while… stay tuned, cheers

my cup of coffee….

  • Name: 이언 / Lee Un (Lee Eon / Eon)
  • Real name: 박상민 / Park Sang Min
  • Profession: Actor and model
  • Birthdate: 1981-Feb-05
  • Height: 188cm
  • Weight: 77kg
  • Star sign: Aquarius

this info above comes from wikipedia and since i’m lazy i just copy and pasted it….;well a part from all the fuzz about the other actors he’s definitively my favorite role in the coffee prince show, he’s clumsy and cute a little but stupid but really sincere….ok mh some more pictures 🙂

사용자 삽입 이미지
사용자 삽입 이미지