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decaf ^_^ 12th episode

episode 12 ^^ enjoy

so cute, surf it! watch the 12th episode of the coffee prince……

it’s the best show 😛


filter coffee prince frappucino

click on one of the pictures to watch the 11th episode of the fabulous coffee prince, i can never get enough of the soap it’s so sweet, don’t miss it…. i will try to find out where u can find the cute gong yoo calendar in the mean while… stay tuned, cheers

iced cappucino from a can? iieeuh episode 10 for you

<<<<<<<<<<<<<episode 10>>>>>>>>>>>>>


would you like a donut or brownie with your hot beverage sir?

….:^°coffee prince number 9°^:…  

click on the link at the beginning of the post to be directed to the link for the ninth episode of the coffee prince


8th cup of coffee prince

click here to get to the veoh page


aother exquisit example of gong yoo’s so called european dandy style, which is quite sexy i must 

confess, well watch the episode if u haven’t already


caffé serré….커피프린스 1호점

here is your link to the episode number 8


latte macchiato….윤은혜

fresh from veoh for your personal pleasure comes the episode number 6

of the coffee prince; fully subtitled in english, stay tuned and wait for more 🙂