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eastern wisdom in a very contemporary anime package ×××ホリック


xxxholic is these days something i really crave for. It’s an Anime series about a young guy named Watanuki who works for the weird but charming yuuko. Yuuko is specialized in granting wishes and some day the unevitable happend, meaning that Watanuki came by her house. His problem is that he can see and at the same time attracts spirits (yokai). Yuuko helps him by putting Domeki at his side who has the ability to fend the spirits off, the only problem is that Watanuki really doesn’t want Domaki around and in order to pay Yuuko back he has to work as her servant until his debt is  even…Well it doesn’t sound so much fun but the actual style of the series is really great the way it is designed and the way Watanuki tends to completely loose it  is big time entertaining. from my fashion point of view i verymuch like the exxagerated style in which it is drawn as well as Yuukos cool kimono outfits.


The nice thing about the show is the eastern wisdom, say the moral of each episode. For example the theory that everything needs to be in harmony; for every happymoment there is a sad moment to keep the balance, for every lucky moment there is an unlucky one….things like this..It is a nice way to keep you thinking about life and also a nice way to introduce those things to western people. Maybe we have this wisdom toobut not as outspoken as Asian countries i suppose

be quick and watch the movie on veoh, it’s a shame but the episodes get deleted all the time so hurry hurry…


this is the link to the official japanese site