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Mario Maurer by gabrieleolgadios.
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i just can’t get enough…lal ala la

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….can’t stop crying…why?


i took some stills from ‘the love of siam’ after i watched it, but i had to wait several days because the sad feeling i get from the film i can’t handle it too often. Why is that so?… I guess it’s because we can all remember how hard it is too find our way into life, especially when you are gay. In the beginning it is a hard path to follow, a path your heart has chosen for you and your mind needs to accept, it is a lesson we have to learn but also a lesson that prepares us well for the rest that will come. But it’s also a movie for girls and boys, unanswered love, personal drama nd most of all friendship. still it made me cry so badly.

Maybe because it reminds me of my own mom, my first real love (L) and the loneliness i feel sometimes and very much felt when i was younger and thought i was the only one in the world who felt like me…

ok in the end it’s just a movie, but an awesome one and still the end is not so bad, compared to other asian flicks i’ve seen so far dealing with similar topics ( that would be gay in asia) we can be happy that nobody died in the end.

Tke films like ‘bangkok love story’ gorgeous pictures, beautiful actors, but a story that is very thin and over dramatic, tragic death in the end. ‘No regrets’ a korean movie, great movie, drama, love, almost dead in the end, weird twisting story, ‘ Lan Yu’ chinese, so sad so sad so sad…..there’s more , just gay asian movies have that brutal drama in the end, others as well tend to refuse to present us with a hollywood happy end, maybe it was about time.