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His Hair

On the little computer generated ‘ hair development graph’ you can clearly see the harsh development from full black and shiny locks to Zero. This is not an uncommon sight on the streets of Thailand as  many a young boy decides to do mommy a favor and spent the obligatory somewhat 15 days in a temple of their choice ( since its Thailand you can go for many kinds of temples, jungle, city, hi so, poor people, etc.) For many guys the dramatic change from lots of hair to virtually none can give them just about the right edge to reveal the hidden beauty , for some of them that happens mid growth when everything is halfway back and the distinctive Japanese eyebrow style comes up….for some people it doesn’t really work out though. I am full of hope that his former pretty hair will make a big come back, yeah shortish suits him well, makes him more adult and manly, but the shaved cut isn’t really his deal. Gosh i look like a neanderthal with short hair trust me, I’ve been there, I’ve done that, I had blue hair and kind cheap orangy yellow too, hair makes the man and can improve the hotness factor way up..

bad tongues are whispering that he’s actually balding or like thinning all over, let’s hope they are wrong!!

It’s been a while

Gosh were did all that time go and damn what have i been doing? – not really blogging that’s for sure. but people out there watch out, i’m back and i’m in top shape. a new layout to mark this ( sorry i didn’t use mario m as my illustration i rather went for a rojam….btw. if u wanna steal this i made it and i hold the copyright and i’ll have no mercy=D)

It’s a pleasure to see that Mario Maurer is still so highly in demand, voices all around thailand are whispering that he’s practically dead in the media world. Of course there are always new faces..take Nadej or Kao amazing but then again we heart Mario.


ps. it’s fashion week again and i might go out there and catch some of Bangkoks finest.

is it just me or are german-thai eurasiens the coolest?

I just found out that another great thai singer and actor is actually partially german

Dome Pakorn Lum ), is that because thailand used to be ( or still is) a very common destination for old german single men( or married) to  meet beautiful young ladys for fun and more? It is a fact that germans seem to like asian beauties a lot, at least i think it is…. Ben it is a fact though that german-asian mixed children tend to be really good looking take Mario Maurer and his brother Marco, german dad andthai/chinese mom….


I heard rumors that in the Buri ram region  and also around pattaya whole villages are home to euro/asien couples, i guess european men who left their countries and strated all over in thailand.

I can’t say if that was the case with mario’s dad ( who recently passed away) or Dome’s parents.

Dome is according to internet resources (thailandinformation.de) german/thai/Singaporean which sounds quite cool to me…







AP in BKK @ mathematics

Above i present you the latest t-shirt designs of  BKK based shop MATHEMATICS .founded by lips and luxe magazine’s creative director jirawat ‘maan’ sriluansoi. As usual the prints are great, but the real twist lies in the t-shirt it self. For the first time, in Thailand, original American Apparel garments have been imported and used. Time doesn’t stop in Bangkok, the  american mass phenomenon has put it’s first foot ( even if indirectly) onto thai homeland… known for their simplicity and quality american apparel make great clothes for customizing…

School uniforms and why i like them so much

I got my hands on a huge amount of Mario Maurer Pictures, wearing a standard Thai school uniform, and i guess they come from the set of Friendship, his recently released Movie. he’s adorable, people who know me know i like to wear the same kind of style and guess what, Kanye West nicked the idea. You wonder how and why, well lets say i work in a company that lately had a project with him and let’s say i met him wearing a thai school uniform and voila, there’s a picture on some blog(i bloody forgot which one) with him in a similar style, not exactly but quite like me( bright blue shorts, babyblue shirt like meuw in rak haeng siam)