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His Hair

On the little computer generated ‘ hair development graph’ you can clearly see the harsh development from full black and shiny locks to Zero. This is not an uncommon sight on the streets of Thailand as  many a young boy decides to do mommy a favor and spent the obligatory somewhat 15 days in a temple of their choice ( since its Thailand you can go for many kinds of temples, jungle, city, hi so, poor people, etc.) For many guys the dramatic change from lots of hair to virtually none can give them just about the right edge to reveal the hidden beauty , for some of them that happens mid growth when everything is halfway back and the distinctive Japanese eyebrow style comes up….for some people it doesn’t really work out though. I am full of hope that his former pretty hair will make a big come back, yeah shortish suits him well, makes him more adult and manly, but the shaved cut isn’t really his deal. Gosh i look like a neanderthal with short hair trust me, I’ve been there, I’ve done that, I had blue hair and kind cheap orangy yellow too, hair makes the man and can improve the hotness factor way up..

bad tongues are whispering that he’s actually balding or like thinning all over, let’s hope they are wrong!!


news from bie bie baby

found thoses on magazine dee.com  definitely a really over airbrushed poor little bie, he looks so much better usually, and who’s that with him? i dunno….well i can’t yet read thai so i don’t know what it’s all about, maybe his musical role? or are they getting engaged ( i tell you  he’s gay, i swear it)

screeeeeen capturing

…… i really like her music and that despite the fact that all my thai friends tell me i shouldn’t …..because it’s uncool, but then again who cares about what’s cool and what isn’t, na?! I finally got her lastes VCD thanks to p’ louise who brought it from BKK…can’t imagine how happy i was , heheh, big kiss by the way, a shame you couldn’t stay longer darling…. well getting back to the grasshopper, i realised after watching her clips over and over again that she has not enough clothes, poor girl, why didn’t they give her at least one outfit per song, i mean it’s supposed to be selling good, right? But she is wearing things twice, which is like the worst thing u could possibly do on one and the same cd. It’s no problem to use your 1980’s oscar robe in 2008 to get a bit of an edgy air, but like 2 songs later on exactly the same vcd???

Another thing that is very peculiar about takkatan is her signature pose, well u thought just beyoncé has that, ha! Think again…takkatan is discretly choreographed to spend most of the time in a ¾ stand which probably is supposed to make her features look thinner or something like that, but come on it’s not that anybody is going to be fooled by thatJ  Also her hairstyle implies a longing for a thin face, which is alright, but then again, nobody is going tobe fooled by that…Talking about the clothes, she’s a very neat appearance, nice clean shirts with varying plastrons, but hey all the time the same look??? Think again, be crazy, just a little bit ok???

Big kiss for takkatan 🙂


บี้… i love u 2

Since i’m constantly obsessed with ‘the cutest boy in town’ my one and only love mario i almost forgot my 2nd favourite thai celebrity with whom i share part of my name in thai ( tobi >> โทบื้ , bie >> บี้ ) isn’t that great??

well i love his music and he’s awfully cute, i wonder why none of the designers have ever thought about him as a model ?? i don’t know if he’s tall but he definitely looks great without a t-shirt ( i found some swimwear pics of him and he definitely makes a good figure in speedos, maybe i’ll show them to you later 🙂 )

i need to ask my friend p’maan from lips magazine why he’s never been on the cover, he deserves it!!




ps. this seems to be one of his fanclubs i dunno if it’s any good though check it out.


So…..another azn party passed by, but jesus christ what happend? I mean come on guys i know there are a lot of asian people living in paris, just go to tribugay  and check……hundreds!!! and how many asians come to an asian party? 20? 30? well not my problem, but i tell you if you’r asian (even if u don’t like other asians) go there because you can be sure that most of the non asians there are quite into asians, why else would they go there…. but then again it was a good party, thai karaoke on video screens, though no real thai music, which is a shame because there is some cool Thaitanium stuff out there and loads of cheesy party hits from Thailand….That was upstairs…down stairs the usual…  guys without t-shirt, i mean come on i got some nice abs but i still don’t take my shirt off first thing i arrive. What really annoys me about ‘those guys’ is the fact that when i wanna walk through the crowd it is inevitable to be touched and smeared all over with other peoples sweat, i mean imagine it’s digusting, i really don’t like strangers transpiration all over me, which should explain my pissed off looks when i try to fight  my way through to the new ‘fumoir’ …..

Note: Fumoirs are the latest fashion in Paris, since smoking is basically prohibited in order to provide non smokers with clean air in clubs, bars and restaurants, Club owners have installed closed sections in their spaces. My first thought was third reich gas chambers, imagine 30 smokers on 10 m2……i should stop smoking it’s disgusting you enter you smoke and halfway through your fag you are so stoned from the secondhand smoke you wanna through up……

But then again in the smoke free areas it’s not so much better, because to camouflage the ole beer and booze smell of the clubs, they now start to pollute the air with different fragrances, like patchouli ( beurk beurk) or vanilla, fig, anything


 – I made pictures with my phone, since i dropped my digicam and now it doesn’t really do sharp pictures any more (stupid me)…the quality is crap and you see nothing, sorry 🙂 –