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°°°°°special mario and pitch post°°°°°

just some eye  candy


maariooo of the dayมาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาริโออออออออ เมาเร่อ

i don’t know what he wants to tell us, but i guess it’s something like, wash behind the ears sneeze your nose and smile boy. nobody likes a sodding mess that smells bad, hein?


what did they win?


smart ass

talking about the european dandy style, i found those pictures of mmmmmmario being all cute with a nice pair of glasses, it’s amazing how he can look nice all the time, of course photoshop is always an issue but still it strengthens my feeling that eurasiens are the up coming measurement of beauty these days.

they have the best of both asian beauty and everlasting youth plus european physics and bone structure.it’s all about the eyes i think, at least for me it is…..



..:^special pitch post^:..


this post is dedicated to mario’s cute counterpart in the love of siam, named pitch (พิช)…or better Witwisit Hiranyawongkul (วิชญ์วิสิฐ หิรัญวงศ์กุล)

there is a quite huge biographie of him on wikipedia click here to have a look at it….



mario of the day


the t-shirt on this picture looks very ‘ISSUE’ to me, can somebody confirm this?

this is mario wearing a love of siam tee