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8 o’clock time for marioooooohhhh

excuse me, but what’s the time????

here some gorgeous pictures of a slightly more exercised mario maurer presenting watches (casio it is i guess) it looks really rather 90’s g-shock to me god bless the time when we all had gigantic plastic watches around our wrists.

well yeah it most certainly is casio and the all so mythical g-shock

oh yeah and you should definitely get some fluo stuff for next season it will be back trust me

this model reminds me of my mum’s old g-shock (yes even she had one it was such a hype in germany) her’s could even store telephone numbers, wow that was so pre mobile phones, when we had beepers and other weird devices to impress our school fiends and pretend to be cool…..

i really need to check out where she put it!

but watches are such a great gadget after a couple of minutes you can find the most extraordinary ones on the net like this one :

which is actually a cell phone it can’t just store your numbers, no it can actually dial them as well, hummh…welcome to the world of 007…..( if you click on the image you are redirected to the website where i found it )

Nooka Kanye West

i’m also very keen on this model, which is a glow in the dark watch of which nooka created 15 pieces especially for kanye west, it’s rather low tech compared to the others but has the most adorable design..


School uniforms and why i like them so much

I got my hands on a huge amount of Mario Maurer Pictures, wearing a standard Thai school uniform, and i guess they come from the set of Friendship, his recently released Movie. he’s adorable, people who know me know i like to wear the same kind of style and guess what, Kanye West nicked the idea. You wonder how and why, well lets say i work in a company that lately had a project with him and let’s say i met him wearing a thai school uniform and voila, there’s a picture on some blog(i bloody forgot which one) with him in a similar style, not exactly but quite like me( bright blue shorts, babyblue shirt like meuw in rak haeng siam) 

wallpaper theft

i found those mario wallpapers on the net, they are quite pastel and rather uncool

but give it a try i’ using the one above right now at this moment on my computer at work 🙂


ooops the picture size is really crap get the full sized ones here


ps; isn’t that lacoste he’s wearing? couldn’t that be the european dandy style again?

and can somebody tell me what yupoo.com is? i can’t read the site, looks like some award stuff to me


smart ass

talking about the european dandy style, i found those pictures of mmmmmmario being all cute with a nice pair of glasses, it’s amazing how he can look nice all the time, of course photoshop is always an issue but still it strengthens my feeling that eurasiens are the up coming measurement of beauty these days.

they have the best of both asian beauty and everlasting youth plus european physics and bone structure.it’s all about the eyes i think, at least for me it is…..