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bie and singto

IMG_0624IMG_0628IMG_0627IMG_0626IMG_0625just a couple of snapshots taken during a

photoshoot for LIPS magazine in Bangkok, the two pretty singers SIngto and Bie, Sukrit, both stars now are presenting men’s wear.



Finally i’ve collected enough bits and pieces about my friend p’maan (I was just waiting to have his private Mario fotos really)  He sadly just left Paris to go back home and mainly to go back to work. As he is the creative director of ‘lips’ and ‘luxe’ magazine, he gets to come to paris quite often, which is really cool…

But the magazine stuff isn’t the only thing he does for a living, just recently he opened a little boutique on the third floor of siam center, MATHEMATICS. u can’t miss it it’s right next to Headquarter ( and by the way his brother is p’mai ,the realistic situation designer)

Mathematics is a bit grungy and dark, it opened in january 08, and so far it sells clothes which mostly maan ( jirawat)  himself is responsible of and next to that Jewelry under the label of  ‘MIssile’ which are designed by p’thim.. (punsiri)

The big idea is to create a space where the stress lies on graphics, coming from him beeing a graphic designer in the first place, therefore u will find a range of printed garments and accessories with a particular gothic appeal, in a not vampire way, one must say… more sexy i guess……which can be proven by this marvellous picture of  (who would have guessed….)


sorry for the crap quality i’m busy getting a high res of this…..

but isn’t it  crazy, i mean this extremly georgous boy is everywhere, whatever i wanna write about bangkok i can be sure i find a picture of him realted to the topic, of course especially fashion things….but then again , does anybody mind? –no i guess not–

and to prove that even more: here is a picture of p’maan with mario, backstage at a fotoshoot for lips, that would be when the shot the cover picture ..b

and jupppp another one of him with an assistant of the magazine…

and just to come back to a comment i’ve just received today, mario can look all cute and modest if they style him like this, no time 🙂