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sweet honey

she’s just so drop dead georgous, does she have a brother?images1377997_b6honey_lee_22hoahauhanquoc1038a20070203182511


yesstyle.com online shopping in asia…

my neigbour and friend showed me this cool hongkong(?) shopping portal on the internet( he already bought some clothes there so we can be sure it works)…u know koreans are known to have really cool clothes and now there’s a easy way to buy them  from where ever u live, the prices are quite modest, but sometimes the products are a little bit copy cat…….i personally really like the jbros stuff all the pictures below are from this brand ( they say that some products are sourced from somewhere else) means they sell other things as well, some products look quite marc jacobs other ( the bagpack) very much raf simons, i dunno if it’s the real thing or just ‘european inspired’……what ever especially with the low dollar at the moment the prices in € are ridiculously  low, almost H&M level, but the stuff way cooler and more unique!

go and have a look www.yesstyle.com and of course there’s loads for the ladies as well 🙂


special park ki woong post v2

he’s so damn cute and i can’t wait for the result of the poll…..anyways momentarily pitch is in the lead ( who would have thought!!) i’m really getting frustrated that no information what so ever can be found about him! we want details( in english i can’t read korean, neither speak, so sorry) ….welll help me out if there is more info in korean available please translate me something!!!



korean coffee break

when i went to have korean dinner the other day with titi titi and pop it qll came back to me……coffee prince….i love it, i watched all episodes in like one week in january, it’s so much fun and not even talking about the cute guys and extremly funny main role played by Yoon Eun Hye 

of course in the first place i started watching cuz it has that kind of gay theme going on, which in the end is not gay at all but purely about love, and hey in the end it’s all about love, na?

the leading male role gong yoo …oh lala….

but my secret favourite of the whole show is the guy on the far right, go chan’s sisters boyfriend, the clumsy goofy strong guy, with the big heart…..:)


ps. it just started in thailand, i bought the soundtrack in bkk, so enjoy it