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how to make ur own inuyasha


i found this website which is all about dolls and anime dolls, but not the kind you buy in the shop or order on the net, no it’s handmade dolls…it’s quite fun to see how it works eenthough the outcome is quite scary sometimes….take for example the picture aboe, it’s inuyasha as seen by the dollmaker and the link below is how to make his costume. it’s ery easy and can be kind of adapted to human siz if u know a little bit about about sewing etc.


the freakiest part is the life size section, i instantly had to think about blow up dolls, i mean like just why would you want a big breasted life sized doll sitting in your home….too hug at night :)?

maid11especially when wearing a maiden costume with lacey underwear….check out the site 🙂


holiday anime overdrive


after i deliberately watched every single episode of InuYasha. 167 episodes in total. I finally came with peace to myself and gave Bleach a go….and who would have thought???- I like it alot…Well I miss the nice feudal area background of InuYasha and i also don’t have my teenager romantic mood while watching bleach…but i find the style and Illustration great and the storyline is rather cool….well enjoy your holidays 🙂https://i2.wp.com/bleach.itudia.com/images/bleach_intro.gif