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drama drama…phillipino movie night

i finally finished ‘ang lihim ni antonio’ and the end is very bloody dramatic……still a good watch, so don’t hesitate..


welcome to the phillipines

yesterday i started to watch a really nice movie from the phillipines, as always i stumbled across it in the gay section of veoh.com. it is called ang lihim ni antonio or in english antonio’s secret. the colors and the general slowness of the film are really nice.

I know nothing about the country or Manila in particular and i wonder if it is a good picture of what it’s like there. i f it is i quite like it. very colorful, yet tropical with alot of christianity going on: it reminded me slightly of thailand.

Eventhoug the actors don’t look so well in the photos in the movie they are really cute. I’ve only managed to watch one third yet but a full review will follow soon.

for a starter, here is the link to veoh


SHELTER….todays movie night


click on the poster and you’ll be redirected to one of the sweetest gay films i have seen in a while, and for a change it has a happy ending, god bless america.by the way it’s a brand new release ….It’s about a guy (zach) who finds himself in the situation of suddenly developing gay feelings for his best mates brother ( shaun)who comes back to the lovly californian coastal town after a recent breakup…. Zach is a caring father like uncle to his little nephew and dedicates most of his time to little cody as well as street art, his dream to to art school is not eas to reach as his sister is depending on him taking care of her son since the whole family is constantly struggeling for money……after meeting shaun again the whole situation starts to change…..well watch it your self…and if your not a hopeless romantic like i am, do it for the great surfing bits, because it’s a gay surfer movie ^_^

it’s such a relief that there are actually directors who can make nice gay movies without the slutty crap, like eating out and sorts….

I’m really sad i can’t go on vacation this summer, seeing so much of the ocean and the beach makes me missing that a lot…..