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Shinee fashion forward

shinee is without a doubt the most fashion oriented K pop boy band at this point.While most singers are being dressed in more or less show costumes, the shinee stylist manages to achieve a more fashion and street wear style that could possibly be worn to go out clubbing as well, in most cases not in all though…I think the feathers in ring ding dong went a wee bit too far and were a tick too drag. but the unconquered styling for the romeo mini-album and the Juliette clip are still a highlight and one of my personal inspirations. The perfect mix of street, fluo, pastel, fun and ethnic is just amazing and has a direct link to European club style, i.E. the fluo kids in France , tectonic, cassette playa from London. This style and many others evolved out of a ping pong inspiration  system where European designers get inspired by Asia ( especially Japan) and Asian designers get the other way around inspired by the Europeans. sounds fun? It sure is….nowadays basically every french fashion House does the ‘obligatory” japan trip for inspiration and then sell the stuff back to the Japanese  and Korean and lately Chinese customers…heehaw back too Shinee though


special post – LAURENT MERI


Usually europeans don’t stand a chance getting onto this blog but then again one should jump over ones shadow from time to time and go totally crazy, well there u are my first european special.


He’s actually a multi mix of german father and some spanish and french influences – which explains the looks really, german seems to be a good guarantee for that it seems, in the mix of course….hence the link to mario 😛

details about laurent – 184cm – shoe 43 – great light brown hair and blue green gray brown eyes…

he’s at bananas models in paris….



ethnic journey……..

while i was traveling i read the really funny book ‘ the meaning of sunglasses’ by hadley freeman. One of my favourite parts is her definition of ‘ethnic’ in terms of fashion. Basically everything that is not european and looks kinda indian or remotely exotic, well isn’t it? Issue is a little bit like that i would say, in looks actually very indian indeed, mainly due to the embroidery madness and gorgeous indian fabrics, though the shapes could be considered more european. I saw the last defile in Bangkok, off schedule, advertisement free, what a glorious concept….The decoration on its own was worth an academy award. Set outside the catwalk was surrounded by a metal construction which gave support to the thousands of flowers and leaves that were suspended from above, giving you the impression of being in the some jungle, the wooden floor was covered with dead leaves and a fresh scent lay in the air….some of my friends were afraid snakes or other horrid beasts could jump at them out of the leaves, so realistic it felt.  

— the ceiling —


the clothes itself were inspired by the amazon, wild safari trips, the jungle, etc. 

The feeling was Indiana Jones, meets Fiji islands, looking for the giant emerald hidden in some secret temple complex, with exotic birds flying all around. It’s all about colors and embroidery. 

PS: i can’t find any nice pictures of the latest collection on the web, could somebody please send me some ???

thanks 🙂

let the SUNSHINE in…

Last weekend me and my friends were having dinner at P’Art and his boyfriend Axels place, which is probably the coolest appartement I’ve seen so far in Paris ( imagine a cool loftstyle space with a distictive Jordi Labanda feel, like a little bit vintage 70’s but not too much) They have a great roof terasse but sadly it’s too cold now in Paris to really enjoy it….well Summer is coming and so will the sunshine.

But the other sunshine, Jirat (“Sanchai”) Subpisankul was already there and by that i’m speaking of p’ Sanchai one of the three Headquarter Designers from BKK…You know in his latest catalogue he used Mario for all the pictures. Next too his designing career he’s one of  THE most wanted Stylists in Bangkok and has been working for almost every magazine ..( Note: P’Art, the Host, who cooked a fabulous Curry for us is another extremly wanted Stylist over there)

Well so here some pictures one of a t-shirt  and the other one of my all time favourite Mario in one of Sunshine’s printed jackets…..It has to bee said that Sunshine is very much into those kind of repeating prints, and also crazy variations of printed scarfs, i’m wearing one most of the time now, it’s a pashmina scarf with a palestinian/gothic print in black and beige…



it’s happend to be a closet

happens to be quite cool, actually, well it’s a shop. or not it’s also a restaurant, and a nailstudio, and a massage salon, and oh yeah a bakery, hairdresser i think and you can watch dvd’s if your bored of the other things you could possibly do, but than again it’s a shop in the first place. a really fabulous one. But don’t get me wrong it’s not a huge multileveled pspace just a normal sized one, make that two. One is at khao san road, it’s called ‘ the nero’ and the original, the first one is in siam square. there’s also a corner in the Paragon Departement store.

So, what’s it all about, in the first place it’s messy, it’s full of clothes, everywhere, there are no seasons like other brand, new collection comes everyday… the style? patchwork, mixmatch, ethnic, embroidery, funky, everything but minimalist. And in between all those clothes, u can make a reservation and have dinner, or have your nails done or maybe your hair cut, and when u get bored and all your friends still wanna see the clothes you can just sit down and watch the film that’s playing, i watched a bit of finding nemo.


-me chilling out in the siam square shop while p’maan is having pasta for dinner-

Especially the interior design is very peculiar, it’s a little bit of everything, vintage, asian, boudoir, exotic, mixed and matched like the clothes, leaving you in a unique and cosy atmosphere, Dinner in the mafia room in the nero is a must, big armchairs, a piano and leather walls create a perfect surrounding…and the best? the founder and creator Siriwan Tharananithikul refuses the shops to be photographed by any magazines or what so ever, just to make a point….

but you can always take a sneaky pic when nobody is watching you…:)