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friday fun with akihiro sato




is it just me or are german-thai eurasiens the coolest?

I just found out that another great thai singer and actor is actually partially german

Dome Pakorn Lum ), is that because thailand used to be ( or still is) a very common destination for old german single men( or married) to  meet beautiful young ladys for fun and more? It is a fact that germans seem to like asian beauties a lot, at least i think it is…. Ben it is a fact though that german-asian mixed children tend to be really good looking take Mario Maurer and his brother Marco, german dad andthai/chinese mom….


I heard rumors that in the Buri ram region  and also around pattaya whole villages are home to euro/asien couples, i guess european men who left their countries and strated all over in thailand.

I can’t say if that was the case with mario’s dad ( who recently passed away) or Dome’s parents.

Dome is according to internet resources (thailandinformation.de) german/thai/Singaporean which sounds quite cool to me…