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more about bryant chang 張睿家

first some general info in chineses on mbd china for those who can read it obviously, i’m more the picture looking type when it comes to asian websites….ben remember bryant is the nice boy in eternal summer, one of the more dramatic sort of gay themed chinese movies, a must see don’t miss it, u can find my post about the movie here…  but i thought it’s nice to dedicate a second post to him with some new pictures 🙂



盛夏光年..asian gay movie night..เราก็เป็นหนึ่งในนั้น

eternal summer is a very melodramatic gay film, that leaves u in a dreadful state after watching it, the plot is good and when u finally think everything will be fine……no i’ll stop here, watch for u self…actors bryant chang and joseph chang are great….but be aware get your tissues ready to dry your tears….the movie comes from taiwan, made in 2006


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watch it on veoh