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‘pad top’ or the créme brulée of thai movie actors

it so seems that chaiwat aka top has dedicated his leisure time to massive bodybuilding, hence now he’s some hell of a beefy thai guy, and he’s definitely not gay since he apparently doesn’t know how one applies selftanner and body bronzer ->WITHOUT<- looking like a marble cake…listen the trick is to A use a good brand and B to apply it evenly in multiple layers, best is to dry each layer with a hairdryer in between. trust me i’m a horribly white north european. As a last step a shimmering bronzer may be applied but don’t overdose, since the glitter dust doesn’t really dry and also clogs the pores….

well see for yourselves how wrong it can go 🙂

and ps. those tiny little tangas are really not working, they just make the obvious rumor about asians more obvious….70-20081124180404


special top post

in my stats i can see that a lot of people are looking for chaiwat ( top ) tongsang, therefore i did a little picture research, good ones bad ones etc.  that i haven’t posted yet and present u this little gallery ….


Chaiwat ‘top’ Tongsang from the ‘bangkok love story’  i’ve mentioned this movie earlier in my post about ‘the love of siam’ i found this picture on  i think in english, count in chinese

i made me think about the movie once again, because even though the story is so melodramatic u get really annoyed by it sometimes, the cinematography of the film is so beautiful it made me miss Bangkok a lot. the colors are very dreamlike but rough and dirty at the same time. the bathing scene on the roof top is very nice but i still don’t get the point, why would u bath on the roof and then make out on the latter? kinda strange, but then again all the love scenes are a bit surreal…. rain, street, ripping off the clothes, mom kills herself…u know what i mean if you’ve seen the film

well enjoy the pics 🙂