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right on time fresh for you…

come the latest episodes of several big Anime Series on this fabulous website…..ANIMEZORRO….(bleachshipuuden.com)

after the disatrous update of my beloved http://www.veoh.com i try to find better solutions (that don’t cause my state of the art macbook pro to crash down all the time) to watch anime.

and it’s also very convenient if somebody else already seraches the episodes for you 🙂 I still watch BLEACH b.t.w. I’m so addicted..if somebody wants to make me a happier person please send me some japanese foot wear, like geta sandals for example 🙂 i’d be so happy

ps. they also feature episodes of claymore, naruto, souleater and many others just have a look around ^^


ps. the pictures above are from heroic age a super beautiful anime i stumbled over on veoh. it really reminds me of captain future, stylewise that is,

watch it here and click on the episodes

holiday anime overdrive


after i deliberately watched every single episode of InuYasha. 167 episodes in total. I finally came with peace to myself and gave Bleach a go….and who would have thought???- I like it alot…Well I miss the nice feudal area background of InuYasha and i also don’t have my teenager romantic mood while watching bleach…but i find the style and Illustration great and the storyline is rather cool….well enjoy your holidays 🙂https://i0.wp.com/bleach.itudia.com/images/bleach_intro.gif