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who’s your boy? VOTE!!!—> new sidebar poll

Mario, Rain, park si woong, top, pitch, gong yoo or bie? vote for your favourite boy, and next time favourite girl…..so much fun…the winner will be honoured with a special extra big never seen before picture gallery post so do your best!!!


just click for your sweetheart on the newly created poll on the sidebar on your left….>>>>>DON’T CLICK THE PICTURES; MARK THE LITLE BOX !

ps. if it’s none of them just write down who you like in the blank field!….like takumi saito for example


MISSED CALL….miss you

It is a really cute song from bie, the star, like all of the clips of his new Album – I love u 2 – it has been shot in Macau, a very colonial setting in china….

-and as u can see it’s cold in macau, cuz u know that in thailand u could never ever wear a thermo jacket, leave alone a woollen hat….-