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plastic surgery and why asians like europe so much !?

I wrote about this peticular subject already a couple of times, and it still catches my attention every now and then. this time i found an article in times magazine discussing the subject of plastic surgery in Asia. 

A friend just told me yesterday that in korea or thailand the best selling dolls are usually the ones with blond and curly hair? i wonder if there are any market researches that could proof this. It’s a funny thing sure blond ones are as well popular in europe, say germany, but then again most of the people are blond too, but in asia they are not. I always ask myself what makes them like europe or maybe the US so much? Another friend told me how much japanese love france and that some acually dream of being french, i live in france and i can’t share this felling i must say. The myth how wonderful this country is is very well and wide spread ( the movie Amelie is a great example for the romanticization of Paris, but many others like that are constantly produced in France). Another thing i heard was, that french goods sell so well in asian countries not only because they are luxury products, but also because the customer feels being just that tiny bit closer to france buy say buying a Louis Vuitton bag….mh i get that idea though, since i feel quite americanized when i dress up in Ralph Lauren or Abercrombie & Fitch, but it’s just an illusion and i know that, it’s rather other people that see me as some sort of american tourist.

while last time i was mainly talking about the eye lid corrections that asians undergo this time i wanna talk about other things. For example the sexually related surgeries but also how the different anatomy of asians requires new techniques or finds new uses for common procedures like botox injections.

Hymen reconstructions are getting in vogue, sounds very oldfashioned but well some like it fresh i guess,at the same time asian males like to have their best partes enlarged in order to be not ashamed of their smalll zizi’s in public bathhouses, etc.  check it out here 


,ladyboy bank,thai,,

– VENUS FLYTRAP the thai ladyboy boy/girl group, GIRL POWER – 

.The more interesting topic is though the sexchange mania in for example thailand. Thailand is very well known for his so called ‘ladyboys’ and rumour has it that for just a couple of baht ( the thai currency)  young boys who’d rather be girls ahve their testicules amputated, to prevent the testosterone  from changing their feminin features. It ‘was’ more or less a common procedure, since now it appears to be very difficult to complete the sexchange for those poor boys, as there is not enough natural tissus left to form a female sexorgan…..according to times magazine a complete sex changes comes to 6000$ in bangkok opposed to around 25000$ in the west, but then again it’s more the surgery tourists that profit on this, as the average thai probably just earns a mere quarter of what the western earns, if not even less.That’s why alot of lady boys stick to dressing up as a girl and taking hormones but keep their last resort of boyishness well hidden in their knickers.

Body shapeing, the naturally flat chested and skinny asians like to have a breast augumentation but for example reducing the calf sizes confronts doctors with the problem, that it doesn’t result from easily suckable fat, but muscle. therefore it is necessary to actually force a muscle to atrophy by severing a nerve behind the knee, after trying to carve down muscles, this method brought the wanted result and can actually reduce the size up to 40 %. 

Botox is the hype of our time and countless amercian celebrities reappear with flat ironed waxen faces, so does asian celebrities but another use has been found.


– the nightmare before christmas – 

botox is actually beeing used to force facial muscles to atrophy, the jaw muslce i thing it is, which makes the face look less round adn skinnier. I have a friend who did this and the result is fascinating.


-jaw reduction with botox-

And again it is a lot cheaper to have botox treatments in Thailand for example, the new emerging plastic surgery capital of asia it is said. But still caution is advised alot of illegal activity is being reported in this sector and unsvae methods are performed, such as liquid silicone injections, which according to recent western standards is very dangerous and not effective, since it can travel in the body and do serious harm, if not cause death when entering the bloodstream.


– silicone in her face ruined her life – 

beauty is a big deal nowadays and everybody who has enough cash can ‘improve’ himself, just thinking about the girl who turned herself into a cute beauty from my last article, Dawn Yang.


– Dawn the way she likes herself best – 

It’s another import from especially the US i think, the habit to show off ones wealth by beauty improvements. It’s the world we live in, isn’t it?

It’s quite sad and tempting at the same time. 

just a quick note i heard from a friend and also read on the internet that VItamin C injections are the latest hype in Asia, they are supossed to improve the complexion, lighten the skin and all together makes people more beautiful. It sounds all very ‘ Jungbrunnen’ to me ( fountain of youth) and i can hardly believe it, since it is a well known fact that vitamin C will only be absorbed in a certain amount and overdoing it is supposed to be harmful as well….Mh how far are we going to stay 25?


the asian movie beauty factor

recently my best friend, who grew up in germany but has vietnamese roots told me that she googled a bit around and was suprised to fid out that all the hong kong actresses she used to like from movies of her youth appear to have been beauty queens before they started in the film industry.and not only hong kong i think…

in germany  or europe in general it’s not really like this, actors are often chosen to be characters, not just plain beauty, so usually they give a good impression about normal people…of course they are good looking but hardly ever can they reach beauty queen status…..asian cinema therefore can trick europeans into thinking that everybody looks like the film stars,,,which is of course not true…my other friend says it’s the classic star thing that happens in asia, only the most beautiful and tallest and most handsome people can become famous…like it used to be in hollywood maybe, stars were stars, not just the boy or girl next door… therfore movie stars in thailand or korea or japan are usually also models and have big endorsement deals…and very often they are just half asians or a mix of different origins…..are europeans better looking? or or brings the european blood the asian beauty to full perfection? i would say the latter comes close to the truth. asian softness with a european edge, especially for boys….

just some random thoughts of mine b