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a love to kill–이 죽일놈의 사랑

episode one  click it. famous korean drama tv show starring gorgeous rain and shin min ah. i found the pilote quite confusing  and i’m still not sure who’s into who, but i’ll keep on watching and posting more episodes, that’s for sure…


eating out corean, with thai dessert

has any one ever noticed that rain( or is it a vulcanian?live long and prosperous….) and bi look quite similar, have they been separated after birth? no can’t be cuz bie the star is younger than bi rain ( god have a look at their names) but maybe they same postman delivered the mail to their moms….????? we will never know…..but then again i really like corean stuff since the coffee prince….so more rain in the future 🙂 not literally speaking though, it’ already to rainy in paris 😛