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a love to kill n°8


(c)lick the pic to get to the vid, read below for more interesting details abou RAIN and  him not having plastic surgery:)


The one major, well-known celebrity who has not had any surgery is one of Asia’s most popular current singers and actor Rain, who looks traditionally Korean yet is still rapidly gaining an international fanbase. Rain admitted in a CNN interview that he was actually rejected from several initial auditions for being “too ugly,” and for not having double-eyelids.  It is said that he has not had any plastic surgery, which does not seem to have hindered his fame — he was named one of Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People Who Shape Our World.”

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PI RAIN BI RAIN ….a love to kill 6th episode

i recently read on the internet, while doing my plastic surgery researches, that rain (jung ji hoon) has traditional korean looks (gosh if that’s traditional shoot me dead) Apparently he struggled a bit getting jobs in the entertainment industry, since he has no double eyelid, isn’t that completly crazy? rain is a fine example for a perfectly gorgeous korean boy… I don’t know if his looks are traditional, or is beauty tradition in korea? he doesn’t look western at all and that’s the good thing about him:)

enjoy the episode of a love to kill….

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a love to kill..and to get addicted to


episode no 2    please click here to be directed to the veoh link


for everybody who is new to the veoh system, here some tips:

it’s completely free so don’t worry about anything, all you have to do is either download veoh tv, that is if you are using a pc, or the veoh player if you are on a Mac like me….with veoh tv you can watch the episode straight away just click, watch on veoh tv ( should be an orange button) if you are on mac you need to download it first and then you can watch it on your computer( it is super fast, takes me like 15 minutes per episode) if the veoh player has problems playing the file( that happens sometimes with wmv windows files) download the VLC player ( which playes everything, and i mean everything, even broken or messed up files) In the veoh player you can access the real location of your movies by right clicking on the film, choosing the option ‘find on my Mac’…now all you need to do is drag it into VLC player….This is also a very handy tip when for example the veoh player doesn’t play the sound, don’t delete the film, the sound is still there and it will work with VLC..