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special top post

in my stats i can see that a lot of people are looking for chaiwat ( top ) tongsang, therefore i did a little picture research, good ones bad ones etc.  that i haven’t posted yet and present u this little gallery ….



Chaiwat ‘top’ Tongsang from the ‘bangkok love story’  i’ve mentioned this movie earlier in my post about ‘the love of siam’ i found this picture on  i think in english, count in chinese

i made me think about the movie once again, because even though the story is so melodramatic u get really annoyed by it sometimes, the cinematography of the film is so beautiful it made me miss Bangkok a lot. the colors are very dreamlike but rough and dirty at the same time. the bathing scene on the roof top is very nice but i still don’t get the point, why would u bath on the roof and then make out on the latter? kinda strange, but then again all the love scenes are a bit surreal…. rain, street, ripping off the clothes, mom kills herself…u know what i mean if you’ve seen the film

well enjoy the pics 🙂