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It’s been a while

Gosh were did all that time go and damn what have i been doing? – not really blogging that’s for sure. but people out there watch out, i’m back and i’m in top shape. a new layout to mark this ( sorry i didn’t use mario m as my illustration i rather went for a rojam….btw. if u wanna steal this i made it and i hold the copyright and i’ll have no mercy=D)

It’s a pleasure to see that Mario Maurer is still so highly in demand, voices all around thailand are whispering that he’s practically dead in the media world. Of course there are always new faces..take Nadej or Kao amazing but then again we heart Mario.


ps. it’s fashion week again and i might go out there and catch some of Bangkoks finest.


Mario maurer at the marc by marc jacobs shop opening in siam discovery….

Lovely mario after doing the catwalk show for marc by marc in bangkok’s siam discovery mall….new movie is out soon, so we can exspect a lot more of him in the near future.

apple cheeks

i found those pictures of my dearest mario maurer on the think/count blog

and  ( i think his name is max) finds that mario’s appearance has changed to his disadvantage…i don’t know i thin k he still looks pretty handsome and more his age now that is cheeks a a bit fuller. I’d say he looks nice and healthy but shouldn’t  be getting on more weight than this, don’t let the good life ruin your looks, hehe…

another fun thing is the Skort that he’s wearing in one of these pictures (red check), it’s a comme des garcons creation and for several weeks now the absolute obsession of Marc Jacobs, how am i to know? well i see him almost everyday, and he has it in every color, combined with simple tank tops, white shirts and most of all dock marten’s boots.


magazine recap, pictures of the day

what would the weekend be without a nice picturesque start, sponsored by magazine dee

various images fgrom different thai magazines

mario with a slight touch of khôl and eyeshadow, do we like it? yes 🙂 =>

ps isn’t the striped cqrdigqn by realistic situation just great, i actually have one hehe, thanks to my deart friend maan /°