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news from bie bie baby

found thoses on magazine dee.com  definitely a really over airbrushed poor little bie, he looks so much better usually, and who’s that with him? i dunno….well i can’t yet read thai so i don’t know what it’s all about, maybe his musical role? or are they getting engaged ( i tell you  he’s gay, i swear it)


bie bie is back บี้ สุกฤษฎิ์ วิเศษแก้ว

news from bie the star…according to the bkkdreamer ( click to read his entry) bie is starring in a musical called kang lang phap as the leading male role, fantastic i’ll say….i loved him anyways kid teung koon

i must say i don’t agree with bkkdreamer about the pictures, i think they are rather cute and am happy that some magazine finally sees the fashion potential in this cutie… i’ve already discussed this question with my friend titi and also with the thai magazine stylists ( there are not many and i know them all) and nobody things he would be good for pictures like this, they think that mario for example is way more fashion, but blimey that’s thai people, just because he’s a ‘metis’ how the french say, a biracial beauty… i geuss bie is somewhat chinese as well. i’d love to see him in some flashy realistic situation, chai or sunshine, in a good fotoshoot, say in lips magazine…

oh yeah and i think he’s gay, why? i dunno, i just hope he is 😛

บี้… i love u 2

Since i’m constantly obsessed with ‘the cutest boy in town’ my one and only love mario i almost forgot my 2nd favourite thai celebrity with whom i share part of my name in thai ( tobi >> โทบื้ , bie >> บี้ ) isn’t that great??

well i love his music and he’s awfully cute, i wonder why none of the designers have ever thought about him as a model ?? i don’t know if he’s tall but he definitely looks great without a t-shirt ( i found some swimwear pics of him and he definitely makes a good figure in speedos, maybe i’ll show them to you later 🙂 )

i need to ask my friend p’maan from lips magazine why he’s never been on the cover, he deserves it!!




ps. this seems to be one of his fanclubs i dunno if it’s any good though check it out.