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My internet at home is refusing to work properly, I have full connection but no damn internet…..Why me????

so now i’m sitting in the lovely palais de tokyo with my dear friend pop using their free Wifi…. :(((


parlez vous thailandaise?…… you speak thai?


I’m at the moment busy learning how to read thai and i find this website really great, especially the learning to read with maanee and friends, it gave my thai friends a good shiver when they suddenly realized i really started learning, as opposed to telling i wanna learn it all the time….hehe…i wanted to learn an asian languages for a long  time and since all of my friends are mostly thai it was an easily made decision to go for thai.  And apart from that thai is allright to learn, of course you have the troubles that every tonal language brings to western people, since we are not used to that, but then again the writing is phonetic, which makes things easier. Japanese would probably be another language i’d love to learn but i still have time, i’ll do that later 🙂

I sometimes read other blogs about thailand, the ones farang guys write who live there like bkkmindscape

and it’s weird that some of them don’t seem to learn thai, even though they live there, i mean it would make live more convenient, to be actually able to read, na? 

so if you feel motivated to learn or just wanna have a look click below:

learn it here !


ps. there are also some commercial links on how to find a thai wife and the webmaster is a real badboy, he’s in jail at the moment ….poor him….