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latte macchiato….윤은혜

fresh from veoh for your personal pleasure comes the episode number 6

of the coffee prince; fully subtitled in english, stay tuned and wait for more 🙂


doing origami

lately when i saw my neigbours fabulous origami crane mobilé i wanted to do it myself again, i must confess i used to be obsessed by origami when i was around 11 and wrote in every ‘school friend journal’ that it’s my number one hobby…well since it’s ages ago i needed some help….

and just in case u have a friend in hospital, make a lot of them!! it’s supoosed to bring him back soon

getting personal………..

W hile I’m doing this blog I’ve also been reading other ones about bangkok etc…and i really felt mine is missing the personal touch a little, like the whole why is he even bothering to do it…well see the picture, there’s your reason…He’s the reason i like thai people, he’s the reason i want to go to thailand ( which is a little bit stupid cuz he doesn’t even life there, he lives in the Netherlands) And it’s Him i like the most about Thailand….You know the first impression of something is always what stays in your mind, and as him beeing my first impression of all things thai, it changed me forever…..Love you even if you are far a way