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my tutor friend….동갑내기 과외하기

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the actual first part of the tutos friend movies is according to my opinion a lot less fun than then the 2 part but none the less a funny movie. the 2003 movie is also about tutoring but this time it’s a girl su wan (김하늘kim ha neul) who is beeing forced by her mum to tutor rich and lazy boy Ji-Hoon (권상우Kwon Sang-Woo)….In the beginning they hate each other but of course in the time passing by fall in love with each other, a lot of beating up and street fighting make the film kinda macho, like boys fight and girls run around crying….well i don’t know ….


totally crazy about- PARK KI WOONG 박기웅


the first real contestant for my private korean to die for category….23 year old  actor PARK KI WOONG 박기웅…After watching tutor friend II… my heart was beating faster and i wanted to find out more about that not so very korean looking guy, i bet he’s at least half american, his face is just so european….but he is super cute….on wikipedia the info is very thin, just like him beeing 181 cm 69 kg, did some art school…informative but not enough….if any korean speaking readers can help me out please send me some info 🙂

despite some chritics on other blogs, that have considered the film as beeing clichee and dull i really quite liked it alot, of course it’s not a very deep literature but a rather fun and cute teenie romance/highschool flick…..quite what i needed last night. WEll it’s was probably my own fold, i have to say that i’m house sitting my parents house in germany right now, a big empty house…..I  had downloaded quite a few asian horror flicks. I watched three of them last night and i was so scared that i couldn’t possibly sleep, i tried trust me but the second i fell asleep i imagined ( i hope)  a really  loud scream and that was it for my night rest i just couldn’t bear sleeping again, so i frantically lokked for something nice cute and possibly unscary o get myself to peace again, thank u ‘ my tutor friend II’ for giving me sweet dreams 

click here to watch the film on veoh….this time new concept, the film is split up into 4 parts but it’s in a channel, so you can download them all at once or watch them online 🙂