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the other day i ran into p’ san chai( a.k.a. sunshine @ headquarter) on rue sainte honoré, while checking out some vintage shops, it was nice to see him again and just today i stumbled over some of his old collection expertly wrapped around my all time favourite mmmmaaaaa maaaaa marioooo Maurer…allez enjoy


SHOWERPOWER…good morning paris

akihiro sato is a great inspiration to take a shower, it must be his thing he looks very much in his element like some cute aquarian boy, i’m a big fan of taking showers but evenmore i love to take full baths  and watch films while in the tub, since i don’t have that luxury right now i have to do the vertical refreshment/warming up, since Paris is very cold these days, please somebody find me a job in bangkok, i don’t mind some airport strikes i can wait a bit…..good morning paris


‘pad top’ or the créme brulée of thai movie actors

it so seems that chaiwat aka top has dedicated his leisure time to massive bodybuilding, hence now he’s some hell of a beefy thai guy, and he’s definitely not gay since he apparently doesn’t know how one applies selftanner and body bronzer ->WITHOUT<- looking like a marble cake…listen the trick is to A use a good brand and B to apply it evenly in multiple layers, best is to dry each layer with a hairdryer in between. trust me i’m a horribly white north european. As a last step a shimmering bronzer may be applied but don’t overdose, since the glitter dust doesn’t really dry and also clogs the pores….

well see for yourselves how wrong it can go 🙂

and ps. those tiny little tangas are really not working, they just make the obvious rumor about asians more obvious….70-20081124180404

magazine recap, pictures of the day

what would the weekend be without a nice picturesque start, sponsored by magazine dee

various images fgrom different thai magazines

mario with a slight touch of khôl and eyeshadow, do we like it? yes 🙂 =>

ps isn’t the striped cqrdigqn by realistic situation just great, i actually have one hehe, thanks to my deart friend maan /°