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WHEN people think about Thailand, Fashion is probably not the first thing that comes to their mind, but Thai people are very fashion conscious. Due to their hot and humid climate fashion has to fulfill other purposes than the one in central europe. Thick fabrics or even jackets are completly useless, It’s thin jerseys and cotons that dominate the market, but since the choice of garments is so limited ( a layering style i.E. would probably cause u a heart attack due to overheating) the variety of what is possible to wear and especially accessories is enormous. Eventhough it would be probably the best to wear short pants, young thai people usually don’t ( except to school, i’m coming back on that later). So a classic nowadays outfit would be a good pair of skinny pants, a loosish T-shirt with a cool print, maybe a thin scarf plus a cool bag and some other accessories.

bangkok kid

Thai boy from BKK

There are some great brands in Thailand, probably the best place to go for boys is the Headquarter Flagshipstore in the Siam Center. Headquarter is a collaboration of three individual brands, REALISTIC SITUATION, CHAI AND SUNSHINE. Realistic Situation is specialized in fresh and cool Men’s wear, with loads of details and very interesting cuts, most of the men’s wear doesn’t dare to take crazy garments into their collections, REALISTIC does, without beeing sissy or feminine at all. 


 Mario Maurer in Realistic Situation ( crush magazine february 08)


me in the office of realistic situation in march 08 –> visit their website

Thai girls are really into beeing cute and sweet rather than a sexy and tough vamp, cute dresses and tops dominate, Stretsis is a perfect brand for girls and the rising star in Thailand founded by a group of Sisters the brand name is the inversion of the word.

After I saw the Defile of ISSUE i was truly amazed, gorgeous exotic styled clothes with rich indian embroideries and details, wich reflect the power of Asian Fashion. It would be great to see more Thai designers going back to their roots and heritage, rather than orienting themselves to much on all things parisienne. The sheer workpower and skills of thai craftsmen should be reinforced by the designers to show europe that it’s not just all about making nice copies but really original work. Because just because Fashion comes from Europe doesn’t make it divine it self, Especially Paris is a very strange place, supposingly ‘the’ place for fashion  most of the inhabitants haven’t after decades still not realized. your Typical french dresses like everybody else he or she knows and preferably in grey or black.

Asia brings the color, let’s all be grateful.




haven’t seen eyes like that in europe before, but in asia they are everywhere…contact lenses that make your iris bigger. the effect is very cute and pretty especially with dark eyes. especially girls tend to use them but boys don’t be shy , big eyes are sexy!

for the more hardcore amongst us there are also the kind of lenses that put little hearts around Your iris, turn them pink and sparkly or the almost oldschool other party variations like snake eyes or spirals….

see more here

the cutest boy in town

                           mario maurer

all of asia is going crazy about Mario Maurer the half chinese

half german thai boy who is recently working as an actor, model and r’n’b singer

he is presenting major brands and appears in almost every magazine….he is starring in the movie ‘the love of siam’ – Rak haeng Siam. Sadly i couldn’t find a version with subtitles at 7 eleven so i had to get the all thai vcd version …


oh yeah his latest project is a cd with is older brother

to check out is fanclub go to