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Shinee fashion forward

shinee is without a doubt the most fashion oriented K pop boy band at this point.While most singers are being dressed in more or less show costumes, the shinee stylist manages to achieve a more fashion and street wear style that could possibly be worn to go out clubbing as well, in most cases not in all though…I think the feathers in ring ding dong went a wee bit too far and were a tick too drag. but the unconquered styling for the romeo mini-album and the Juliette clip are still a highlight and one of my personal inspirations. The perfect mix of street, fluo, pastel, fun and ethnic is just amazing and has a direct link to European club style, i.E. the fluo kids in France , tectonic, cassette playa from London. This style and many others evolved out of a ping pong inspiration  system where European designers get inspired by Asia ( especially Japan) and Asian designers get the other way around inspired by the Europeans. sounds fun? It sure is….nowadays basically every french fashion House does the ‘obligatory” japan trip for inspiration and then sell the stuff back to the Japanese  and Korean and lately Chinese customers…heehaw back too Shinee though


dangerous days

Bangkok is an akward place to be lately, the streets are lined with military troops, police, people waving thai flags and of course the red shirts….going to work is no fun at all and the best thing to do these days is to stay put and at home! I just came back from the lovely but over crowded phi phi islands and think that staying there for a while would have been a better option for sure….


at the moment i have three active polls on my blog…

the first one would be about our dear MARIOthe question was, if you are also of the opinion that mario is more or less a bit fat these days…

the majority (55.17%) said \”god no\”

a third ( 33.03 %) said \”well yes\”

and the rest didn\’t get it at all

the second one about pretty bunny HONEY lee

the question was if you (a) like her with tons of make up or (b) natural beatuy look….

most of you considered the natural look less admireable and the majority goes for the full cover FHM look …hoho

….smile like a winna…

and the third one is about YOU

where are you from?

ps. will the person from \”mario maurer\” please contact me so we can talk about tourist visa and or permanent citizen  ship. I\’m also willing to design the currency and all official documents for this fabulous new country. can someone point it out on a map?

see it here

Other (see below)
Other Answer Votes
philippines 9
indonesia 6
Philippines 5
Indonesia 4
malaysia 4
Brazil 2
singapore 2
netherlands 2
Brasil 2
greece 2
Malaysia 2
indonesian 1
Romania 1
Canada 1
uk 1
Taiwan 1
Germany 1
Vietnam 1
Your mom 1
morocco 1
Switzerland 1
sweden 1
portugal 1
turkiye 1
poland 1
spain 1
Hungary 1
mexico 1
Chile 1
uae 1
Spain 1
cambodia 1
mario maurer 1

how to make ur own inuyasha


i found this website which is all about dolls and anime dolls, but not the kind you buy in the shop or order on the net, no it’s handmade dolls…it’s quite fun to see how it works eenthough the outcome is quite scary sometimes….take for example the picture aboe, it’s inuyasha as seen by the dollmaker and the link below is how to make his costume. it’s ery easy and can be kind of adapted to human siz if u know a little bit about about sewing etc.


the freakiest part is the life size section, i instantly had to think about blow up dolls, i mean like just why would you want a big breasted life sized doll sitting in your home….too hug at night :)?

maid11especially when wearing a maiden costume with lacey underwear….check out the site 🙂