start the weekend with mario

Mario Maurer by gabrieleolgadios.
Mario Maurer by gabrieleolgadios.
mario013gk9yr5 by inside.yours.

5a463a2eb1c69f404ec226c1 by zhihong_chan

ma by inside.yours.
rn3mu6a8 by zhihong_chan.

i just can’t get enough…lal ala la

i love him... by tegema Ⅱ.

1428636jpg. by inside.yours.
XehgYr211800-02 by inside.yours.

2 thoughts on “start the weekend with mario”

  1. well.. actually i have a friend looks like u.. so im not drying seeing u there.. but what ever i like ur acting, ur nice.. u made me cry a lot of times watching ur movies, one of them is “the little thing called love” its juz awesome…. wish u success in everything u wanna do.. good luck Mario =)

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