screeeeeen capturing

…… i really like her music and that despite the fact that all my thai friends tell me i shouldn’t …..because it’s uncool, but then again who cares about what’s cool and what isn’t, na?! I finally got her lastes VCD thanks to p’ louise who brought it from BKK…can’t imagine how happy i was , heheh, big kiss by the way, a shame you couldn’t stay longer darling…. well getting back to the grasshopper, i realised after watching her clips over and over again that she has not enough clothes, poor girl, why didn’t they give her at least one outfit per song, i mean it’s supposed to be selling good, right? But she is wearing things twice, which is like the worst thing u could possibly do on one and the same cd. It’s no problem to use your 1980’s oscar robe in 2008 to get a bit of an edgy air, but like 2 songs later on exactly the same vcd???

Another thing that is very peculiar about takkatan is her signature pose, well u thought just beyoncé has that, ha! Think again…takkatan is discretly choreographed to spend most of the time in a ¾ stand which probably is supposed to make her features look thinner or something like that, but come on it’s not that anybody is going to be fooled by thatJ  Also her hairstyle implies a longing for a thin face, which is alright, but then again, nobody is going tobe fooled by that…Talking about the clothes, she’s a very neat appearance, nice clean shirts with varying plastrons, but hey all the time the same look??? Think again, be crazy, just a little bit ok???

Big kiss for takkatan 🙂



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